Chile. Carta de Silvana, secuestrada por el Estado en Temuco el pasado 28 de Marzo + Comunicado Espacio Pandemia.. [Traducción en Ingles]

Montaje Temuko 2Extraído de Hommodolars a través de The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

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Police Raids in Temuco lead to Arrest and Detention of three comrades charged with the preparation and transportation of explosive devices. Solidarity!

Three women were left in pre-trial custody for 5 months in Temuco today, under investigation for the preparation and transportation of explosive materials. Two men were charged and processed for possession of 100 grams of marihuana and will be held in preventive custody for at least 3 months. Another 6 comrades have been released and will have to pay a fine of 2 UTM (approx. $250 USD) refusing to identify themselves.

Freedom for Yaritza, Roxana and Adriana! Show your solidarity!!


Statement by Silvana Captured by the $hilean State in Temuco on March 28th

I want to give my energy [Newen] to all those who know me, care and are concerned over our current situation. First I want to thank the affection and unconditional support of my mother, my beloved son, brothers, family, the many comrades and friend with which we find ourselves and recognize daily, sharing the most beloved thoughts, ideas, creations in every moment, in every place where we develop ourselves to carry out the possible and the impossible of every reality of a dignified, honest and free life.

The deprivation of my freedom and that of my comrades in Temuco prison, is clearly framed within a set-up, this time framed by the recognized anti-Mapuche Prosecutor, and now persecutor of ideas, Miguel Angel Velazquez.

On March 28th at around 5 AM, two houses were raided in Temuco by the Special Police Forces, with a verbal order for the alleged placement of explosive artifacts in both cases.

The result of the raid where I was found resulted in the destruction of the property, confiscation of computers, cell phones, cameras, money among other things. At the end of the operative, we were informed that the reason for our arrest was for “drug trafficking.”

We were taken to the regional hospital of the city to report injuries, later they transferred us to the 8th Police Division, where we were held together with the 10 other arrested and were not allowed to use the washroom for more than 30 hours from 5AM to 10 AM the next day approximately, denying us water including one of the arrestees that is 5 months pregnant.

During this extensive arrest/capture we were unable to communicate via telephone with Counsel, family and friends, and have not been able to exert that right arrestees even now. I should point out that the police have violated my rights at 8 Division by forcefully taking a sample of blood without my consent, and was thereby violated, cuffed and forced by four Special Force police officers (two women and men respectively) to carry out due proceedings.

Today March 30th, I find myself together with two comrades charged with “explosive artifacts,” sharing a range with 48 other prisoners of the capitalist system. After the Bail Court appearance, they also charged us with “marihuana trafficking” (100 grams that can be sold to 400 people) and therefore, three months of investigation in pre-trial prison. These practices are old in discrediting and exposing morbid images to the mass media in order to deviate from the political persecution at hand and impose it as common crime.

I find myself at ease, the rest of the female prisoners have given us a warm welcome in solidarity, from a cup of tea, personal hygiene utensils, clothing, conversations, much joy and despite the circumstances we continue to dream; even despite the many months and years of this eternal enclosure, they continue to be beautiful, free and crazy!

I leave you with these words until my next letter. I remain here on the other side of the wall together with the rest, with my spirit stronger than ever, strengthening my resolve, dreaming of this with every eye of tenderness.

We will see each other soon, all my love and hugs to my son, mother, brothers, grandmother, family in general, Wenui, Lamnien [Sisters], comrades and friends.



Greetings in rage!

Silvana Lamilla

March 28th Political Prisoner – Temuco

Caputured in the CPF Temuco Warria


PANDEMIA Social Space Communique

Today March 30th, 2013, after the raid to the PANDEMIA Social Space/other homes and imprisonment of 5 comrades, the individuals that comprise the Pandemia Social Centre state the following:

We denounce the Chilean State and those who benefit of the persecution, reprisal and incarceration of those who position ourselves as dissidents of power and authority. We discard victimization as a propaganda tool, clearly stating that we are neitherguilty or innocent, simply the result of years of persecution against those that struggle.We clarify that we denied our identity as a tool in order to face the guardians of order at the Police Division, since they did not ask for our identifications at the space and were quickly taken to the Police Division. We denounce the theft of computers, books, pen drives, cell phones, sweaters, underwear, a tape recorder, small camping stove with butane gas and its pots, socks, shoes, sneakers, memory cards, tobacco, notebooks, agendas and $70.000 CLP in total.We denounce the political/judicial/media setup in commemoration of the Day of the Young Combatant.
– Political: Since the government in its frame of exemplification and deterrence has invented enemies and punishment, with the intention to maintain social peace and the order of the powerful.

– Judicial: Since the failure of the $hilean Anarchist Bombs Case, and in consideration of the repressive context in the area, the Prosecutors and Attorney General’s office do not cease in their search and imprisonment of those who confront the State and its Laws.

– Media: Since historically the bourgeois press has been the exclusive tool of the powerful at the moment of criminalization, persecution and imprisonment of comrades. Lastly, we call out to all those in affinity with us for solidarity with the captured comrades by the prison system, understanding that the 5 are imprisoned under various charges within the same setup. We state that we will be unyielding in the propagation of ideas/practices that lead us to reclaim our lives, despite the continued harassment and surveillance of the shit police.